What is our Project about?


This is Africa: a home to more than 1.2 billion people divided over 55 countries with rich histories, immensely diverse cultures and jaw-dropping sceneries. An amazing continent that is full of life in its purest form.

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Unfortunately, it is under imminent threat from Climate Change and it´s our fault. While our economies prospered from the use of fossil fuels, we were also creating a climate problem that will affect Africa more than any other place on earth.

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We will travel over land from Amsterdam to Cape Town and from Cape Town to Cairo, visiting 37 countries on a journey through life in Africa.

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Our goal is to capture the raw beauty of life Africa in an attempt to show the world what we´ll lose to climate change if we continue down this path. Our photographic expedition will be published in a photobook, but also in magazines, newspapers, social media and on this website.



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Jelle Krings – Photographer

Jelle is a travel & documentary photographer on a mission to tell the world’s untold stories. His main goal is to capture striking images that inspire people to look beyond what they are comfortable with and create awareness for the issues of this earth. His photo series on the refugee crisis in Myanmar as well as refugees in the Netherlands are good examples of his drive to find untold stories and show them to the world. If you are interested in his current work, check out his website!


Leoniek de Vito – Story Writer

Leoniek is the project manager and story-writer of Project Africa Alive. She is a real explorer: she loves to travel, meet new people, and write about it. For Project Africa Alive, she will not only be writing about Climate Change and the area’s that are most threatened by it, she will also write about her personal experiences and give you a sneak peak behind the scenes. All those juicy details everyone wants to know about a couple on the road… she will be giving them to you. Expect a lot of short stories with a lot of humor, because no matter how serious our project is, we won’t forget to enjoy ourselves a little. 

Our Goals

Capture the raw beauty of Africa before it is lost to Climate Change
Create awareness for the threat of Climate Change in Africa
Create a movement of people that are inspired to take action

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Our Route

We will travel over land from Amsterdam to Cape Town and from Cape Town to Cairo, visiting 37 countries on a journey though life in Africa. On 1 October 2017, we will cross the Alboran Sea between Spain and Morocco and continue along the West coast of Africa, through deserts and rain-forests, cities and villages, until we reach Cape Agulhas, the most southern point of Africa. From there, we will continue North-East, though vast plains full of wild-life and cities full of people. We will pass most East-African countries on our way to Egypt, where we expect to cross the Mediterranean see back to Europe in the summer of 2019. Join our journey though the continent we may loose to Climate Change, and see its beauty while it’s still there.

The Book

We are working on publishing a photobook of our journey, showcasing the beautiful aliveness of Africa before it’s lost to Climate Change. We hope this book will help to pass on the legacy of Africa to future generations and at the same time serve as a reminder of what is at risk. Stay tuned about the developments of the book by subscribing to our blog!

Our Footprint

Solar Power

Our ride is equipped with two large Solar Panels, supplying us with our daily energy needs. We use this energy for everything other than driving: from lighting our car at night to charging the laptops we use to keep you informed.

Carbon Tax

We pay a carbon tax for every mile we drive, fully offsetting our carbon dioxide footprint.

A Carbon Tax is a fee you pay for every tonne of carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere, that’s used by projects around the world to absorb the same. Because oceans and forests are the biggest CO2 absorbers on the planet, the money from your Carbon Tax goes to initiatives that aim to protect these. We use a combination of Carbo Tax and Stand for Trees, which gives us the opportunity to help preserve the rainforests in Africa specifically.

Why don’t you calculate your own CO2 footprint and clear your conscience by neutralizing it today?

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