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Why would you contribute?

We strongly believe in the necessity for awareness about the threat of climate change to life in Africa. The strength of our project is in the power of photography and video, both forms of story-telling that have the power to inspire. And inspiration is the beginning of change… If your organisation feels the same, it can contribute to our project financially or in kind. You may have guessed it already, but we cannot do this alone. If you help us out, your brand will be forever linked to the cause of this project, and we will make sure you will get the exposure you deserve.

What can you expect from us?


We make sure your brand gains exposure in a fast-growing online community. The personal Instagram feed of the Photographer gained over 4000 followers in 4 months, with a very high engagement rate of between 10% and 15% (10 to 15 likes or comments for every 100 followers), with some posts reaching over 8000 unique users. We expect our project Instagram feed to have an even higher growth rate after launch, because of the story line and subject focus of that feed. In addition to the Instagram feed, we are setting up a project Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter Account, which will all be used to make regular posts. Our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts will get 5 posts a week! Your brand can be part of these posts, and depending on your contribution reach a certain number of already interested people.

Content Creation

We can supply exclusive photo, video and written content you can use in your online marketing campaigns. Have a look at for an overview of our photographer’s work. Unlike other content creators, we can supply premium local content from Africa, at low price. We do not have to deal with certain project costs, because we are already on the road. Let us help you with your projects, and at the same time contribute to the cause of our project, a better future for millions of Africans that won’t make it if climate change is not stopped.

Because this is how we finance Project Africa Alive, we select our clients carefully. Their business, as well as their strategy and corporate social responsibility policy must be in line with our goals.

Why do we need funds?

We are investing a lot of money and effort into the project ourselves, but to really make it a success, we need funds for things like marketing, promotion, websites etc. Below is a list of items your money as a contributor will go to:
1. Solar Panels for clean power and Carbon Tax to offset our carbon footprint
2. Marketing costs (primarily Facebook marketing)
3. Webhosting and domain names
4. Social Media manager (we don’t have regular access to internet in Africa)
5. Internet Receiver (to get access to the internet as much as possible)
6. Camera gear (we have already invested in professional grade camera gear, but we would like to take a drone for those awesome areal shots)
7. Insurance
8. Editing Software
9. Telecommunication Costs
10. Travel Documents like Visa and Carnet de Passage
11. Travel Guides
12. And much more…

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