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This is Africa: a home to more than 1.2 billion people divided over 55 countries with rich histories, immensely diverse cultures and jaw-dropping sceneries. An amazing continent that is full of life in its purest form.
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Unfortunately, it is under imminent threat from Climate Change and it´s our fault. While our economies prospered from the use of fossil fuels, we were also creating a climate problem that will affect Africa more than any other place on earth.
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About Climate in Africa


We will travel over land from Amsterdam to Cape Town and from Cape Town to Cairo, visiting 37 countries on a journey through life in Africa.
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Our goal is to capture the raw beauty of life in Africa, in an attempt to show the world what we´ll lose to climate change if we continue down this path. Our photographic expedition will be published in a photobook, but also in magazines, newspapers, social media and on this website.


African ecosystems
absorb more carbon
than they release

So Africa is actually slowing down
Climate Change to our benefit….

 africa alive
These are the regions that are most threatened by Climate Change.

Does that seem fair to you?

By 2020, 75 million Africans
will be suffering from
increased water stress due
to Climate Change


Didn’t think it would go that fast, did you?

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Africa Map
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So what’s going on where?

Just click on the regions of this map and we’ll tell you. Click a marker to visit our blog of that country (available when GREEN!).

 By 2100, changing ecosystems
will cause yields from African
agriculture to drop by 90%…

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